Introducing a new-style ‘social hive’.

Welcome to a fresh hospitality scenario in Santorini, a harmonious amalgam of tranquility and vibrance. CASASUNSHA is a uniquely designed cocoon of 12 heavenly cave-suites seamlessly embraced by the electrifying ambience of SUNSHA – a fiesta restaurant like no other.

Intentionally curated to host sparkling stories and never-before emotions, CASASUNSHA and SUNSHA invite guests to step into a contemporary ‘architectural dance’ with spaces that feel cosy and intimate and at the same time irresistibly social and bubbly.

All cave-suites are traditionally carved deep into the caldera rock, simply dressed with cooling white tones and styled with light-reflecting details that mirror the unassuming simplicity of the Aegean.

The restaurant gloriously frames the retreat like a canopy, becoming its proud centrepiece, as well as a distinctive landmark for highly social fine dining and unapologetic live fiestas.

Not a place.
A choreography of memories.

CASASUNSHA soothes the soul while SUNSHA feeds all the senses with a forever experience that effortlessly showcases everything that makes Santorini the world-class location that it is: signature cave-house architecture, Cycladic sanctuary vibes, stunning views of the Aegean, iconic sunsets, exquisite cuisine and wines, and wild fiesta nights.

Alchemizing serenity with wildness.

CASASUNSHA and SUNSHA are deliberately located in Santorini drawing inspiration from the island’s eclectic antitheses, its emblematic grace and whitewashed serenity followed by rugged landscapes of disarming, wild beauty.